Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirrors are one of the most beautiful and versatile pieces of decor you can buy. They bring style and function to any space and can be used in a variety of applications, whether you're looking to add polished elegance, bold drama, or simply the illusion of more space to your interior. Check out a few of these rooms for ideas to incorporate mirrors into your own home:

1. Visually expand a space.


2. Enhance an existing pattern. This white mirror is reflecting a very eye-catching wallpaper:


3. Replace artwork. Mirrors will add to the imagination!


4. Convey a sense of scale. Leaning an oversized mirror against the wall makes for a dramatic effect; I like this look particularly in entryways or bedrooms.


5. Create a beautiful backdrop for a vignette.


Why not reflect the beauty of your own home? Get the look here:


1. Crawford Hollywood Regency Mirror // 2. Laura Ashley Seriana Round Mirror // 3. Mirror Image Curved Corner Mirror // 4. Zuo Modern Burst Mirror // 5. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Ming Satin Brass Mirror // 6. Silver Leaf Starburst Mirror // 7. Silver Branches Mirror // 8. Three Hands Antiquated Octagonal Mirror // 9. Lourosa Quattrefoil Mirror // 10. Zuo Modern Fractal Mirror // 11. Bungalow 5 Table // 12. West Elm Faceted Mirror Side Table

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{All images from Pinterest and elledecor.com}