Winter Wonderland

There's something lovely about crisp white in the wintertime. It's simple yet sophisticated, contemporary yet timeless. While an all-white interior can be tough to maintain, it is stunning when pulled off correctly! Take a few pointers from these rooms to achieve this sleek, monochromatic look:

1. Add texture...leather, lacquer, fur and silk. Natural textures such as wood, stone and fibers also look great in a white setting.

Winter White_1

2. Mix modern pieces with vintage finds for a layered look.

Winter White_2

3. Bring the room to life with plants, birch branches or even antlers for an earthy, rustic feel.

Winter White_3

4. Customize. A tufted banquette (which easily could have been a plain white wall here) completely transformed this small space.

Winter White_4

5. Incorporate different white tones. Creamier whites or light beiges will add warmth.

Winter White_5

6. Sleek materials such as mirrors, glass and metallics add a touch of glam.

Winter White_6

7. White is the ultimate palette to highlight special works of art -- use it to your advantage!

Winter White_8

Here are a few accessories to incorporate white into your space:

Winter White Polyvore Set